Configure SCCM Client

We will need to modify or client settings, we will be editing the default client settings but you can create custom settings for device/users if it has a lower priority than the default client settings.

There are a lot of settings that can be changed but for this we will enable Remote Control as an example

Enable Remote Control on Client Computers

Go to our Primary Site PS1 under Site Configuration

Go to Settings > Client Installation Settings > Client Push Installation

Go to Accounts tab and add a new account

Add our sccmadmin account

I have installed a Windows10 Enterprise x64 image with a static IP of and joined the RED domain with a computer name of Test

After sometime you will see ccmsetup.exe being installed

The files are created in C:\Windows\ccmsetup

You will also see Configuration Manager in the control panel

There are only a few actions but if you check back in a few minutes this will display more actions

You can now see there are more tabs and actions after a few minutes

The client has been assigned a site code of PS1

SCCM Console will now show the client as installed