Install and Configure Domain Controller

Firstly we need a domain controller and I will be naming it DC1 with the below settings

Let’s go ahead and install our Windows Server 2016 Desktop Experience for x64 archtecture

Once we have a fresh install of Server 2016 we need to give the computer name DC1

Also disable the Windows Firewall

Next we set our DC1 a static IP address of and the gateway/dns will point to on our host machine for Internet Access

Make sure you can ping and try an nslookup to ensure internet and DNSworks

We are going to install our Active Directory Domain Services and we will be using DNS/DHCP on this server

Now let’s promote the server as a domain controller

We will create a new forest and for this tutorial I will be calling it RED.local

Restart the Server 2016 and will now have installed Active Directory

IMPORTANT – We had disabled of the firewall for Private/Public but we need to disable the Domain Firewall

Now we need to complete the DHCP configuration

Finally verify your DNS server is showing as below

Open Active Directory Sites and Services


Rename Default First-Site-Name to “RED”

Create the System Management Container using ADSI Edit

Right click on ADSI edit on the top left and go to connect to, the naming context should be default naming context.

Right Click CN=System > New > Object

Select Container

Name the Container System Management


Copy the folder SC_Configmgr_SCEP_1702 to C:\ drive (can be found here)

Open CMD Prompt and browse to c:\SC_Configmgr_SCEP_1702\SMSSETUP\bin\X64\ and type extadsch.exe as below.

You can verify the schema was successfully extended at c:\ExtADSch.txt

We must create a user in Active Directory called sccmadmin 

Make sure you make them a member of the Domain Admins group