Setup and Configure SCCM

Now we need to launch our SCCM Console and configure a few basic settings

Launch Administration

Select Discovery Methods under Hierarchy Configuration

Enable Active Directory Forest Discovery

Enable Active Directory Group Discovery

Enable Active Directory System Discovery

Enable Active Directory User Discovery

You should now have the following below

Heartbeat discovery is by default set to 1 week and for this tutorial we will not need Network Discovery

You should by default have a boundary for Active Directory site which is RED (alternatively the default is default-first-sitename)

We need to add this boundary to a group and by default there is always a default Site-Boundary

So we create a new Boundary Group so it has a meaningful name and call it RED Domain

We then add the RED Boundary

Go to references and add the SCCM-PS1

Should be assigned by default to PS1

We should end up with this and a member count of 1 as it has only 1 Boundary added to it

Now we need to need create a Distribution Group

Create a new distribution group called All Distribution Groups

Select the RED distribution group which is located on our only Primary Site but you may have other Primary Sites or Secondary Sites with distribution points.

You should have the below with a member count of 1

Go to Servers and Site System Roles under Site Configuration

Go to Boundary Groups tab

Add the RED Domain to associate this boundary group with the Primary Site

We have now configured our SCCM with the basic fundamental settings.